A collection made out of parts taken from the moon creating the whole story behind mysterious nicely encompasses the whole world of K.Kotev, all designed in silver, that focuses on simplicity, obsession and the imperfection of the king, who symbolizes exactly that.

The complete collection of Ksenia Kotev is half full, with empty sets, waves, angel wings, which blends in the whole collection as to: Half Full - Empty Set Ø - Wing - Sin - Unicorn - Storm - Wave - Bubble - Curve 9 - Latch. All the pieces create a story of itself, magical and desirable on their own as to: Sin -Storm - We'll meet again, Us ... again - Unity - Stranger - Individual - Stay.

When you will wake up during the storm of each sin, we will meet again, in the fairytale we've both created. We'll be one, just like we always were, you'll be the individual with your own dreams and desires, and me having my one last wish to see you when the silver was melting during the creation.



This time Kotev grasped the dream that she envisages when completely awake to catch a dream, in the rhythm of each heartbeat, like a silver wire that dances under the flames forming a filigree in the shape of a blossom. The stars are falling slowly, the closer they've ever been before, playing with time and reforming it as they go. Making a wish in the right time to spark and take the dreams to become its own reality, a time to be, a time to make a wish, time to forget, but not to forgive, says K.Kotev.

Desires wrapped in endless bubbles of the dreams and wishes that once had the opportunity of becoming our reality.

The endless dreams of the desire and apathy merged into silver teardrops falling created the crown seen as the climax of the collection. Two into one for all our dark thoughts in one way or another to the already familiar curve 9, the spell is already cast to the eternal seduction. The new collection takes you to a moment of temptation.


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